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*It starts out as a snicker, and then as a giggle, a chuckle, and then he’s laughing. Only it doesn’t really stay that way for long, he starts to really laugh and none of that polite stuff he does usually, laughing in earnest.

Ya really- who’d ya expect I was?! Fuckin’ long lost brother r’somethin’?! *He tried to stop laughing but honestly it took him a bit* Hoo~  *he ran his hands through his fauxhawk and fixed his ponytail in the process*

Life fucked up m’face, n’I gave m’self this ink. *He took a look at his hands* Well, all ‘cept maybe one r’two but ya don’t wanna hear those stories. All tha spell did was make me look like how I did when I was a vikin’ *he crossed his arms at that, but no seriously, muscles scars and tattoos oh my*

Seriously?! Ya talk ‘bout ‘em now? What ‘bout tha ones I already got? …Like, when I actually look older n’all? *He grinned despite, surprised and pleased as Sif with hair bleach but, then he saw it*

S’good yer …travellin’ r’somethin’, though! Always thought ya should! *he smiled, acting blissfully unaware at the micronation’s mannerisms* Ain’t no better teacher than tha world. Maybe gonna visit yer new friends, yeh?

-His ears felt hot - well, his entire face felt hot, actually - when his father started laughing at him, and he shook his head.-

I don’ know! Ya jus’ look too much like me ‘n ‘t was fuckin’ weird t’ see when ya jus’ wake ‘p! Ya would’ve been shocked too ‘f ya saw a fuckin’ twin when yer barely gettin’ up from’uh nap.

-He ignored the explanation, not caring so much that magic simply hit the “rewind” button on his father’s being. What he cared about was the similarities between their faces, that’s what really bothered him.-

-Chris’s foot tapped the ground as his leg bounced, glancing once towards his father before refocusing his gaze on the duffle bag on his lap.-

Nej, ‘m not. I don’ have th’ money t’ take’uh trip like that, Far. Jus’ thought I should take’uh trip fer’uh while is all. …Might not do even that right now, though.

*He just shrugged, too much strange things have happened over the years for him to be really scared by anything anymore - at least of that nature.* I guess so. I dunno, really. I woke up like this after all, didn’t really phase me anymore… but! Can’t say one way r’another now can I?

M’surprised though! I didn’t really recognize it b’fore! But then ‘gain I look a lot like far anyways.

*he started and even stared at that, frowning a little. He shifted from one foot to the next and looked off. How could he put this without getting Chris defensive…* Well d’ya wanna tell me why not? Ya can prob’bly backpack ‘round Europe just fine no matter what sorta money ya got. R’… What’s stoppin’ ya?


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The one thing I hope you don’t reblog for your own use is my own, personal, headcanons.
Please do not use those as your own.

Absolutely everything else is fair game.

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Denmark/Australia yee  

• when or if I started shipping it.



I literally started shipping it due to Scandinavia and the World. I was a fan of the comic series before I was into Hetalia so there was this one strip, I think it was Brother Australia’s introduction strip, where he like surfs away on a wombat and all Brother Denmark says is “If he asked… I’d let him do me.”

So I thought that was so funny that I just carried it over to here and it started being a big joke that unflappable Denmark had this silly crush on Australia and thus Gilbert and Alfred (who my friends RP’d as) teased him with mercilessly.

And then an Australia RPer showed up and it was all downhill from there.

• my thoughts:

PRECIOUS, SILLY, MANBABIES. They’re really similar and just fulfill something in the other, though, that makes them infinitely better when together than they are apart. Their friendship is still so strong despite the fact that they are one of the most affectionate couples I’ve ever RPed.

And to be honest, if it didn’t have a strong friendship base, then they definitely would have grown one between all the steamy bits inbetween. They work it’s not always easy but they work and aaah I just love this pairing anymore. Best bromance-turn-romance ever.

• What makes me happy about them:


Just that they can honestly be as dorky and as silly as they want, be as comfortable with each other as each of them wants and they’ll just accept it. Their friendship also makes me so happy. That they sort of break the mold when it comes to typical couples since they’re not all lovey-dovey all the time, they’re just very real, and even end up in that friend-stage again from time to time.

Before totally macking all up on one another again. Seriously these guys are so hot too, just red blooded all around and unf.

And them just willing to teach/learn.

Also fighting over video games and terrible furniture and runs just brightens up my day.

Everything about them makes me happy, you guys have no idea how much fun I’ve had with this ship and how glorious it is that these two dudes have just absolutely fallen for each other in a realistic way and still are just the biggest dorks and domestic and committed and it’s not boring.

• What makes me sad about them:

That not-so-recently Jett had begun to really feel self-conscious and insecure about why Denmark is with him and there’s a definite communication gap where D probably can’t make Jett understand the absolute sincerity in his words, or it just doesn’t matter and D is probably going to be unable to console him just on that basis. So with D doing all that he knows how to do, i.e. just reassure Jett of his dedication and commitment and that probably not being enough for Jett, I’m scared that might just grow. At that point D’s going to be “I’ve done all I can” and just let that effort go since he’s already seen himself do everything he can for Jett.

Also the fact that while this is all going on that D knows that there’s a timer on their relationship. Imight not get to it, they might work until I decide to stop RPing or Aussie does, and if that day comes I’m really going to be sad but D knows for a fact that they’re not going to be together forever. It might be a rare time where he wished he had a human relationship because for 70~ years, he probably could be happy with this relationship. But it’s not going to last forever, D’s simply Jett’s first. A lot of firsts, but a first nonetheless and he takes it upon himself to try and just make the best of their time, to have Jett be open about new experiences and such, and then he’ll have “done his job” as Jett’s first love.

So that’s pretty heartbreaking for me.

• things done in art/fic that annoys me:



• things I look for in art/fic:


• Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:

Oh, wow. UHHHH.

For Jett? Maybe someone like Hungary or Vietnam or even a fem!America or f!Italy or someone just active and fun. And I’m saying girls because he’s already been with a guy and I really want Jett to learn different dynamics between relationships like that. It won’t be hard, girls wanna be flocking to that like ants to sugar, unf.

For D? my not-so-secret secret!OTP with Denmark, Turkey. Again just because of headcanon and history sake. Also, again, they’re just very similar and are definitely on the same wavelength for so much. They’re both also just, old and I think they inherently get one another in a way that’s very rare.

And if not Turkey then f!Sweden.
Maybe f!Sweden just because of my headcanon between them and I had this one f!Sweden that I adored absolutely adored who was just every bit D’s equal and ugh, I love that in a relationship.

• My happily ever after for them:

I can just cop out and say that there’s really no happily ever after for any of the Nations tbh.

But my happily ever after is just that they reach the point where they fall out of love and both agree that their time together was all it could ever be and beautiful and amazing while it lasted but now it’s over. A mutual, amicable, break up where maybe after just a small time, they can see each other and be friends again. Sure maybe they slip from time to time but they just move from that relationship phase to a friendship phase once again.

And who knows if somewhere down the road they don’t end up together again?

• what is their favorite non-sexual activity?

Some sort of sports or competition? Exercising in some way? Just generally doing friendly things.

Also probably just going out to bars and doing stupid shit that people who look like their age would be doing.

Anonymous said:
Denmark x Ukraine  

• when or if I started shipping it.

I’ll be the first to say that I’m a weird “shipper.” Insomuch that I don’t exactly have a lot of full out pairing for Denmark. I don’t like many of the popular pairings for him, etc. But what I will do with pairings is, simply, if the RP works, if the chemistry between the characters work then I will absolutely try and RP a relationship between them.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m going to start “shipping” it though.

But! That being said, I think Denmark and Ukraine could be cute together!…

• my thoughts:

…for a time. And then I think that Denmark would get bored and Ukraine wouldn’t know what to do with him. I get the feeling that Ukraine is very traditional while, unless you really hook him, D’s just sort of in it for the sex. Yes he cares about her that goes without saying (origins of the Russian, etc. people being what they are) and he’ll definitely want to do right by her but he’s not exactly conventional.

I might be wrong about Ukraine’s character entirely, of course! But I think they work better as friends/pseudo family. That way both of them can sort of look out for one another, be in each others lives which I think is good for both, but not bring all the complications of a relationship with them.

• What makes me happy about them:

Ukraine makes me happy. Denmark makes me happy. Can I just leave it at that?

I mean, like I said, they’d be cute together. With the Ukraine I used to RP with they were very much cohesive and worked well and hung out well together. Some something cute can definitely happen and it will be cute because even Denmark is into that sort of thing from time to time.

So yeah, they make me happy, them interacting makes me happy.

• What makes me sad about them:

Not a lot? Maybe that they just wouldn’t work well in the long run and I think Ukraine definitely needs someone to find her…

sooooooomebody to looooove~

• things done in art/fic that annoys me:

I’ve seen in art with these guys, that Denmark’s scooping her a lot. Which, boo, no I don’t like. Denmark is incredibly respectful of women.

• things I look for in art/fic:

If I do look for them in art/fic then just them having a warm sort of chemistry between them? Affectionate or not. Is that so much to ask for? lol

• Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:

I believe Ukraine was with a Romania? There’s a micronation between Ukraine and another country. It might not be Romania but whoever that was - then that country. Or just any country that Ukraine has good relations with.

Denmark? Fricken… Aussie uwuuuu

• My happily ever after for them:

I don’t have a happily ever after for them since I don’t think they’d really work in the long run.

But if Denmark ever does settle down then both of them just hanging out in the country, chilling. Maybe with a farm. Living an easy, uncomplicated, life.

• what is their favorite non-sexual activity?

Working with their hands. Like, physical work of some kind.

The Nordic countries with each of their names in their own language.

In English:

Åland Islands
Faroe Islands


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