My father was an oak
                                         The Earth moved when he spoke
                                         My father  c o n q u e r e d  seas
                                         But was not there for me.


[to gather request]
I have not been conscious of them as pairing.
However, I feel the possibility!

(( also okay I love the idea that when Norway was going to Iceland and Greenland and Newfoundland and shit

Freezing his little Norwegian berries off

Denmark and Sweden are like


Anonymous said:
so we know the sea is your Real Mother-- but have you ever been close enough with someone for them to be your "mother figure" ? what was it like for you ?  

Well. Sort of.

I’ve never had a real mother, in tha sense that some’v us had. Fer instance, I know Erik, Sve n’Fin all had one ((Going based off a group of friend’s headcanon and OCs on this one. Shoutout to the Sami OC

But it was always just Far n’I which… had it’s gives n’takes. So yeh, I used t’talk t’tha sea, m’first memory was’v bein’ underwater n’washin’ up on shore, so yeh m’mother figure was tha seas - yer right.

Tha only other woman I had any sorta experience with that… came close was Hellen ‘cause’v m’role as a trader n’guard duties in her lands. N’I still hesitate t’bring her intah this.

I respected her; immensely so. She was wise, powerful, n’nothin’ like a typical mother. Ya see I understood that everythin’ in her life was ruined in some varyin’ degree by a man n’she lived inna society that ended up oppressin’ women. Yet she still found kindness n’used her precious time t’talk t’me, t’teach me, t’take me in when I didn’t deserve a second’v her time.

Maybe it was just ‘cause I gave her some of the respect that I thought was her due.

After so long…maybe there was somethin’? Maybe she spent a bit more time with me. N’I thought, maybe, just maybe, that’s how it’s like t’have a real mother. I’d never impose on her t’say that she cared ‘bout me any sorta way. But t’me?

It’s the closest I ever got.

N’to be honest I tried not t’get too attached. She had her own life which was complicated ‘nuff without me gettin’ too wound intah it. But I figure that’s what it was like t’have one.

N’it was more than enough.

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A map of Scandinavia made by an italian year 1565. 


A map of Scandinavia made by an italian year 1565. 


The Nordics!

I procrastinated way too much on these guys, but I’m happy with how they came out. Especially Norway, good god I love him.

The Axis!

The Allies!

Anonymous said:
Things you don't regret but know they were very wrong?  

If yer lookin’ fer me t’repent ‘bout somethin’ yer not gonna get it.

I did what I had to n’I did what I did, simple’s that. Whether it was wrong r’if I regret it r’if I wanna beg forgiveness fer actin’ a certain way don’t matter t’me.

It happened. It was a good idea, usually, at tha time. Everythin’ can be nitpicked in hindsight but if yer searchin’ fer some way t’get me t’apologize fer some deep-seated regret ‘bout how I used t’act?

I don’t have one t’give. Ain’t nothin’ I feel like I gotta apologize fer.

Anonymous said:
Is there any part of history you ignore or pretend that didn't happen?  

Most’v tha “medieval” times was not m’favorite r’however ya call it… Round 1500’s through… tha 1800’s was sorta hard on us. Just all’v it. We’ve really picked up since, though!