Have My Babies *-*


Have My Babies *-*


Hetalia is the #1 Trending tag in Japan right now on Twitter.


ヘタリア新連載 = Hetalia New Series

This fandom does not play around.



Hey Hetalians! Surprising news from Japan!!

Yes, we, Japanese Hetalia fans were awfully surprised to realize that THE NEW COMIC SERIES OF HETALIA IS KICKED OFF ON SHONEN JUMP PLUS TODAY.

"Shonen jump plus" is an online magazine so we can read the contents wherever we are and it’s also FREE!

New series is called “Hetalia World Stars.” Every new episode will be released TWICE PER WEEK (omg Hima-san… can you really do this…?), Monday and Friday Japan time.

You can see the first episode here (contents are all in Japanese):

* Recently, it’s hard to connect…

To read the episode1, click the URL and follow the direction above!

Enjoy~ :D

Thanks for the explanation! <3





I really REALLY love the way he watches her walk by in that last gif. I know the script makes him patronizing—especially as there is nothing more cliche than having a woman be Absent Minded and Clumsy (TM)—but just look at his face watching her. He’s not laughing (with or at her), it’s pure and simple adoration.

A point this film could have made clearer is that Raleigh has every reason in the world to not want to drift with someone. And yet he’s immediately willing to drift with Mako—not just willing, he seeks her out and challenges her. He is immediately completely willing to share everything with her, based on nothing. She’s hesitant and careful, but he’s already jumped off the emotional cliff.

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he spends about 90% of his time on screen looking at her like she’s made out of christmas and apple pie

Actual Puppy Raleigh Beckett.  I think that he spent the remainder of the movie just going “NEW FRIEND NEW FRIEND NEW FRIEND” inside his head.


RIP in peace lmao

…get away from all this. All these servants, all these people doing everything for us. I want to know what is essential to life. What is really important.

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